Here’s the lesson: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends.

Luke 16:9

Here we have included some documents and resources that we hope you will find helpful

If you have ideas or requests of material we can make available please do not hesitate to contact us

Bulletin Feb 4th 2018

Bulletin Feb 4th 2018.docx

Bulletin Jan 14th 2018

Bulletin January 14th 2018.docx

Bulletin Jan 21st

Bulletin January 21st, 2018.docx

Bulletin Jan 28th 2018

Bulletin January 28th, 2018.docx

Bulletin Jan 7th 2018

Bulletin January 7th, 2018.docx

Bulletin Nov 12th 2017

Bulletin Nov 12th 2017.docx

Bulletin Nov 19th 2017

Bulletin Nov 19th 2017.docx

Bulletin Nov 26th

Bulletin Nov 26th 2017.docx

Bulletin Nov 5th 2017

Bulletin Nov 5th 2017.docx

Bulletin Oct 1st 2017

Bulletin Oct. 1st, 2017.docx

Bulletin Oct 22nd 2017

Bulletin Oct.22nd, 2017.docx

Bulletin Oct 29th 2017

Bulletin Oct.29TH, , 2017.docx

Bulletin Oct 8th 2017

Bulletin Oct.8th, , 2017.docx

Bulletin Sept 10th 2017

Bulletin SEPT. 10th, 2017.docx

Bulletin Sept 17th 2017

Bulletin SEPT. 17th, 2017.docx

Bulletin Sept 24th 2017

Bulletin SEPT. 24th, 2017.docx

Bulletin Sept 3rd

Bulletin SEPT. 3rd, 2017.docx


Life group sign up sheets.docx