Here’s the lesson: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends.

Luke 16:9

Here we have included the weekly bulletins from the current services

If you have ideas or requests of material we can make available please do not hesitate to contact us

a July 12th weekend part 4 be an endourager

July 12th 2020.pdf

a july 5th bulletin part 3

July 5th.pdf

April 10th Good Friday Bulletin

April 10th good friday.pdf

April 19th bulletin

April 19th bulliten.pdf

April 26th Bulletin

April 26th bulliten.pdf

April 5th Bulletin and Announcements

April 5th.pdf

aug 9th Amazing grace

August 9th bulliten.pdf

Easter Bulletin

April 12th Easter 2020.pdf

July 26th weekend Bulletin Speak to me

July 26th bulliten.pdf

June 14th Bulletin Part 4 God did not say that

June 14th buliten.pdf

June 21st Bulletin Part one stay positive Spiri

June 21st.pdf

June 28th Bulletin Part 2 stay positive

June 28th.pdf

June 7th Bulletin Part 3 God did not say that

June 7th buliten.pdf


March 15th update 2020.pdf


March 1st Bulletin

March 1st 2020.pdf

sermon notes and event schedule

March 22nd Bulletin

March 22nd 2020.pdf

March 29th Bulletin Sermon outline and notices

March 29th 2020.pdf

March 8th Bulletin and sermon notes

March 8th 2020.pdf

May 10th Announcements and message outline

May 10th bulliten.pdf

May 17th announcements and message outline

May 17th bulliten.pdf

May 24th weekend Announcements and message outl

May 24th bulliten.pdf

May 31st weekend Announcements and message outl

May 31st bulliten.pdf

May 3rd Announcements and message outline Jesu

May 3rd bulliten.pdf

Wesley press spring lesson 4 sin in the camp

spring lesson 4.pdf

Wesley Press, Spring edition Lesson 5. following G

spring lesson 5.pdf